New Era of Theories of Intelligence changing Artificial Intelligence

: Anirudhi Thanvi

Cognitive intelligence is a new concept for the next revolution. It is termed as when human cognitive functions are augmented by the programmed software’s. It is a zone that mostly covers the innovation and tools that permit our applications, sites and bots to hear, see, talk and comprehend the necessities of the client through natural language.

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Do you know What Cognitive Intelligence exactly is !?

Cognitive Intelligence is the capacity to deal with reasoning, solving issues, applying actions think uniquely, fathom complex thoughts, take in…

Performed Exploratory Data Analysis through Python and visualization concepts to give valuable insights of data.

Have ever thought what is Data Analysis and how these giant tech companies make use of it? Here we have taken a psuedo facebook data to perform data analysis and help facebook to take intelligent decision to identify its useful users and provide correct recommendations to them.

Let’s first know What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis isn’t one finite set of arrangement of functions with a start and an end. It’s our perspective towards the world around. It is collection of data which involves the…

Whenever you feel bad , just remember that Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year. #Never_Give_up!!!

:Anirudhi Thanvi

On May 8, 1886, Dr. John Pemberton served the world’s first Coca-Cola at Jacobs’ Pharmacy in Atlanta, Ga. From that one iconic drink, they’ve evolved into a total beverage company. In 1960, they acquired Minute Maid. That was the first step toward becoming a total beverage company.

How big MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc stores, manages and manipulate Thousands of Terabytes of data with High Speed and High Efficiency?

:Anirudhi Thanvi

What is Big Data? Why it is in so demand?

Over past 20 years, data stream processing has been the one of the important research area. Numerous technological innovation are driving the dramatic increase in data and data gathering.The term big data is tossed around in the business and tech world pretty frequently.

“Big data” is high-volume, velocity, and variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.” ~ Gartner

Well, Bigdata is not a technique or…

Mini Project : MLops Training Task 2

: Anirudhi Thanvi

Brief about the Task

A completely automated setup has been made in which the developer only needs to commit the source code and the changes will get displayed on the docker file of the extension of the file.

Pull the Github repo automatically when some developers push repo to Github.

By looking at the code or program file, Jenkins should automatically start the respective language interpreter install image container to deploy code ( eg. If code is of PHP, then Jenkins should start the container that has PHP already installed).

Test your app if it is working or not…

Optimizing your CI / CD Pipeline using GitHub, Docker and Jenkins : DevOps Project(MLOPS Training)

: Anirudhi Thanvi

The article helps you to understand the basic process and line of work to implement CI/CD Pipeline through GitHub, Docker and Jenkins. Here we will undergo 3 main jobs described as below:

If Developer push to dev branch then Jenkins will fetch from dev and deploy on dev-docker environment.

If Developer push to master branch then Jenkins will fetch from master and deploy on master-docker environment.
both dev-docker and master-docker environment are on different docker containers.

Manually the QA team will check (test) for the website running in dev-docker environment. …

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